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Got an electrical emergency in London?  Pimlico Electricians provide a fast, 24/7 emergency electrician service with NO CALL-OUT FEES! 

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Always on Call Electricians in Pimlico London

Not all electrical problems are emergencies, but when they do occur, it's often after normal business hours. That's why it's a good idea to know in advance who to call when you DO face an electrical problem (emergency or otherwise) outside of normal business hours, and especially if the problem poses a serious risk to your family or your business. That's where Pimlico's Electricians can help. You don't even need to know if it's a true electrical emergency or not - just who to call.

Do you have an emergency? We offer 24/7 support!


Pimlico home & business owners can call us 24/7/365 in an electrical emergency

Our electricians are on call 24/7 365 days a year - yes even Christmas Day so you'll still get to enjoy your turkey. Pimlico Electricians are ready to take care of any electrical emergency in your home or business premises fast.  Our London emergency electricians can be with you within the hour if there's a danger to life and you're located in Pimlico or the surrounding area. If you're located elsewhere in Central & South West London, either side of the River, we can still be at your door inside 1 - 2 hours of your call.  

Affordable Emergency Electricians

We're one of the most affordable electricians in Pimlico, unlike one other well-known Pimlico electrical contractor who increase their rates by around 50% for out of hours response. And, if you need a written report for insurance purposes, they charge extra for it. The devil is in the detail they say!

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure when it comes to electricity

Planned electricity company power cuts may be inconvenient, but they’re not an emergency. However, a loss of power that only affects your property, IS an electrical emergency, needing a professional electrician. Electrical faults can cause damage and human injury if ignored. Electrical systems are complex, don't take risks with your safety. If you've experienced any of the following in your property, you should call an emergency electrician, sooner rather than later: unexpected power loss, burning smell, sparks flying, socket overload, blown fuses, overheating plugs or electric shocks from appliances or switches.

An Emergency Waiting To Happen

Whether you’re a landlord, business owner, or a house-holder, if you’re in any doubt about the integrity of the electrical wiring in your property, give us a call. For your peace of mind, we can inspect both your wiring circuitry and appliances, and advise on any steps you need to take to avoid potential future problems, so you never need to worry about anything other than a neighbourhood-wide power outage.


Always Be Prepared Around Electricity

We often take electricity for granted, but faulty wiring and appliances are a potential source of danger in the home. While businesses are legally required to undertake regular electrical equipment inspections and testing, thereby minimising the likelihood of an electrical emergency posing a danger to life occurring, in a home setting it’s always wise to take sensible precautions to avoid a real electrical emergency. The following tips can help you but if you are in any doubt, call an electrician .

Stay Prepared

• Keep an emergency contact numbers list always visible e.g. on the fridge.

• Keep fire extinguishers up to date and easily accessible in an emergency.

• Know which type of fire extinguisher to use and how to use it if required.

Avoid Electric Shock

• Faulty appliances with worn wiring should be replaced immediately.

• Damaged or faulty household wiring, cables and extensions should be replaced.

• Keep electrical appliances well away from water to avoid shocks.

Power Line Electric Shock

• Don’t touch the power line or the person as you could get a shock too.

• Call an ambulance and emergency services ASAP.

• Keep the shocked person warm, lying down, and still until the ambulance arrives.

Appliance Electrical Shock

• Don’t touch the person who received the shock as you could get a shock too.

• Unplug the appliance and turn the power off at the mains.

• Call an ambulance and emergency services ASAP.

• Keep the injured person warm and still and lying down until help arrives.

Electrical Fires

• Don’t store flammables near a lightbulb or exposed, overloaded wiring.

• Never use water on electrical fires as this could further fuel the fire.

• Call the fire brigade immediately and an ambulance if someone is injured.

• Use an electrical fire extinguisher if you ‘e trained to use it - otherwise leave the site.

For information about recognising and dealing with electrical emergencies visit our FAQ page.



Competitive Rates + No Callout Fee!

With hourly rates from just £80 + VAT, and no call out fee, we're one of the most affordable electricians in London. We also strive to offer the highest level of customer service for all types of electrical work. If you need an experienced electrician for your home or business in Pimlico SW1 or surrounding area, especially in an emergency situation, give us a call today.


Electrical repairs from
£80 / hour + VAT


From £80 + VAT
per socket / switch


New / replacement
fuse box £620 + VAT


Inspection / Certificates
from £185 + VAT

We take a straightforward approach to pricing and offer competitive prices for all electrical services. Unless we're responding to an emergency situation where work needs to start immediately to make the installation safe, we provide a free no obligation fixed price quote for all electrical work, allowing you to budget for the work involved in advance.

We don't charge call out fees, extra for fuel, parking charges or Central London congestion fees, so you can be assured there'll be no hidden charges on your bill. For the benefit of both parties, we always aim to complete all domestic and commercial electrical work on time and within budget. Why not request a quote for electrical work today!


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