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Answers to all your common questions about electricity in the home, electrical emergencies, electrician prices & more.

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Answers to all your common questions about electricity and electrical services - from choosing an electrician, to how much it typically costs to rewire your home in London, and what all those funny sounding electrical terms mean. We also provide advice on electricity safety in the home or workplace. If after reading this, you think you may have an electrical emergency brewing, give us a call...


Electrician Pimlico prices

by tomasz,

If you want to find a good and qualified electrician, hurry up! Come To Pimlico Electricians. Electrician services are provided here at very low prices.Our Electrician Pimlico is charged a call-out fee of around £45 per hour.Otherwise, the average electrician hourly rate in Pimlico is…

How to find an electrician London

by tomasz,

Electricity is integral to our daily lives, and finding a reliable electrician is essential when electrical issues arise. In bustling London, where demand for dependable electricians is high, navigating options can be daunting. This comprehensive guide offers insights and practical tips on finding the right…

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

by admin,

Answers to your common electrical questions Q: What does a fishy smell coming from a power outlet mean? A: If you notice a smell coming from your power socket or switch, there’s a good chance it could be damaged and cause a fire in the…

Does My House Need Rewiring?

by admin,

If your property / wiring is more than 30 years old, it’s likely you’ll need to rewire, at least in part, to meet modern safety regulations. House rewiring includes replacing your old fuse box with a modern consumer unit. A fuse box controls and distributes…

London Electrician Charges & Prices

by admin,

Find out how much it costs to hire an electrician in London Electrician prices vary depending on where you're located and the type of electrical work you want done. Rates may also vary depending on whether you need a domestic electrician for your home, or…

What To Do In An Electrical Emergency

by admin,

Electrical emergencies cover things like fire, electrocution & power loss Electrical Fires Electrical fires are different to some other fires and need to be dealt with carefully. Don’t douse electrical fires with water or any other electrically conductive substance. Electrical fires should be put out…

Electrical Inspections & Maintenance

by admin,

Over time, electrical systems deteriorate due to wear and tear, and can gradually become a safety issue, without your knowledge. It’s for this reason that all electrical systems should be the subject of periodic inspection, testing and maintenance, to keep them safe, and in good…

Shocking Advice For DIY Electricians

by admin,

Planning to do your own 'home office' electrical improvements to avoid overloading existing sockets while working at home during a pandemic? If the virus doesn’t get you, UK Government Electrical Safety Regulations just might. While attempting your own DIY electrical work yourself may seem like…


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